We will provide classes on various topics: Marriage, parenting, homeschooling, finances, divorce recovery.

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Is your marriage on the rocks? Is your family going through a difficult time? We offer FREE Biblical Counseling to everyone at any stage of life.

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"We took seriously each of the Marriage homework exercises.  As a result of the candor, we experienced among our table group couples and the nature of the homework questions, we discussed relationship details that had been left untouched for decades. Our love triangle between us and God has been strengthened as a threefold cord."

- Les & Monika K.

"After attending the marriage class, it reminded us about the intentionality couples should have towards one another. It also, reminded us how Jesus needs to be the pinnacle of what makes our marriage the most lasting and authentic. We were so blessed to be part of something that helps couples continue to grow and looking forward to more events like this."

- T- Chaka & Nicole A.

"The CWC Family Ministry has blessed our family in providing opportunities for us to connect with other families of believers.  These connections have opened the doors to beyond Sunday relationships, which blessed us and allowed us to bless others.  We have greatly enjoyed the shared testimonies and family gatherings with fun and fellowship."

- Scott & Susan S.

“Family Ministry has given us the opportunity to meet and get to know families we had previously only seen in passing.  It has been exciting to meet outside of church and spend time learning how God is working in families like ours. We love having a sense of family in a world that seems to have stopped connecting.”

- Thomas & Cori S.

Marriage & Family Leadership

Hi, this is Pastor Neil & Robin Krause.  We have been blessed with 38 years of marriage, 3 children and 11 wonderful grandchildren! We have been active in ministry since 1990. We started out by spending 5 years operating an Elementary School in Belize, before following our kids and grandkids to Colorado 13 years ago We have worked with other Calvary churches and started on staff here at CWC in 2013. We now lead the Marriage & Family ministry, Uphold/Care ministry, and the Senior BOLD ministry. Additionally, we are available for marriage and family counseling.

We believe that in order to grow in Christ, every believer should be active in discipleship and mentoring relationships.  We have various opportunities for growth as individuals, as married couples, and as parents throughout the year.  Please check the calendar for upcoming classes and events, or contact us below.

Marriage and family should be honored and magnified by serving one another and by continually remaining reliant upon the Holy Spirit to produce fruit that will reproduce from generation to generation. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Joel 1:3, Psalm 145:4-7).
Pastor Neil and Robin Krause, the marriage and family counseling leaders at Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs.