Tuesday Nights @ 7pm

AGES 18-30


"Everlast has provided a community for me to learn more about God's Word, meet new people, and challenged me to grow deeper in my spiritual walk."

- Lexi C.

"I have been challenged, convicted, comforted and encouraged. I have found a renewed purpose in the Lord. I have found a community that spurs me towards a relationship with God and a ministry whose heart is for His glory and Kingdom."

- Sarah H.

"Everlast has given me a community of people who love and support me through the good, bad, and ugly. We truly “do life together.” Through this ministry I have grown and have a deeper understanding of the Lord and more of a desire to serve Him as well. I LOVE EVERLAST!"

- Jaqueline G.

“Everlast pushes me closer to Christ by surrounding me with like-minded brothers and sisters. I love growing in community with other believers and learning together through teachings and the Everlast life groups.”

- Christiana S.

“Everlast has really taught me how to love people well, how to be a friend in all seasons of life, and has been a place for me where I can worship with everything in me.”

- Taylor B.

“Everlast has quite simply been instrumental in my walk with the Lord over the last few years. The people I have walked along side with have become my family, literally and spiritually. They are brothers, sisters, dear friends, trusted confidants, and prayer warriors. We have grieved together and we have rejoiced together. We have seen Good move in our lives and each other’s, and the simple reason for these many blessings is that Jesus has been at the center of it all and through it all. We do life together, as we follow Christ together.”

- Orry K.

“Everlast has brought me a beautiful community of people who love to do life together. I am always filled, challenged, strengthened, and encouraged.”

- Tori B.
Young adults from the Everlast ministry praying with Pastor Al Pittman at Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs.

Hey Everlast!

We first just want to say how thankful we are for this ministry and for you guys! God truly has blessed us with such an amazing crew. We continue to be in awe of all that the Lord is doing in and through this ministry! We may be a little bias, but we think hanging with Young Adults is the best job in the world! We love you guys and are stoked for what God has in store! Keep seeking Jesus!

If you are looking for a young adult ministry at Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs or have any questions feel free to contact us below.

Young Adult Ministry leaders Kev and Tina pose for a photo in front of Everlast poster at Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs
Young Adults Leadership
Tina & Pastor Kevin