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Kev and Wes here! We have the honor of leading the worship ministry here at CWC. We are a community of Spirit-filled people with diverse backgrounds who seek to live a lifestyle of worship that overflows into each weekend.
We believe God is calling us to worship in a way that reflects the picture of Heaven found in Revelation 7:9. God wants his Church to work at reconciling people—both to God and to each other. We believe one powerful tool to work toward that end is music. We blend old and new, CCM and Gospel, and much more with this in mind. Ultimately, we rally around our theme verse, Ephesians 6:7, believing that a heart that serves Jesus is a heart that worships Jesus.
We’re always looking for volunteers for the worship ministry, whether it be drummers, electric guitarists, or vocal ensemble singers! If you’re interested in serving, head over to our next DNA classes to learn how you can get involved! 
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Ephesians 6:7

"CWC Worship Ministry gave me a new church family. We knew very few people at CWC when we started attending. Now there’s a faithful group of friends who pray for and with me, who provide counsel, and who celebrate our life in Christ through prayer and praise. It has been an incredible gift and blessing to me."

- Mark T.

"CWC Worship Ministry gave me a totally new perspective on the JOY of the Lord. I joined the ensemble about five years ago shortly after my husband was tragically killed in a car crash. My worship family, the leadership, and the worship music that we are so blessed and privileged to sing has added a deep and lasting dimension to my spiritual walk.  Young and old, 'Behold, how we love one another'!"

- Kathy F.

"Through leading worship, I have witnessed God working through me, and it has taught me the beauty of vulnerability. Above all, the ability to glorify God and contribute to the worship experience of the church is an incredibly humbling feeling."

- Bobby B.

"The Lord answered my prayer for community by leading me to Calvary's worship ministry. I'm constantly shown compassion, grace, and joy from God reflected off of these people. For every drop of music ministry I learn, I'm taught 2 fold about God, and it only makes me want to fall in love with Him more!"

- Bre Z.

"Being allowed to use the gift God has blessed me with to serve Him and our church is an honor and a privilege. Our ministry is a family of believers who truly and genuinely love Jesus & one another. It’s been said 'we are a well-watered garden!' The growth I have experienced as part of this ministry is a testament to that very fact!"

- Tawanda L.

"Family, community, love, sacrifice, commitment, and prayer!! Over the past years, I have witnessed bonds of buds blossomed into fruitful souls serving and abiding in Christ! The bottom line is: only what you do for Christ will last!"

- Ron L.

" Having been dismissed by my family five years ago, I find great comfort in our Fam of the Lamb. There are times my heart aches as I see families gather together on various occasions, BUT GOD multiplied and surrounded me with loving brothers and sisters in Christ. I am forever grateful."

- Linda B.


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