Uphold / Care Ministry

Caring for our elderly/disabled/shut-ins through prayer and practical acts of compassion on a regular basis

We as a Church Body at Calvary Worship Center recognize that God has called us to support and comfort those in their struggles. 

The Purpose of this Ministry

The mission of the Uphold / Care ministry is to ensure that these saints are not forgotten and that we do our best to maintain relationship with those who need this extra contact. We desire to develop a list within our CWC body who have shared that they would appreciate this extra contact; this includes our seniors/disabled and those who may be shut-in of any age.

This becomes a great opportunity for the body of Christ and Life Groups at Calvary Worship Center to come together to play a role in this practical ministry outreach. It involves keeping up with the needs of those included in our contact list; including weekly or bi-weekly phone calls or visits to get updates, prayer requests, and offer sincere care and concern.

Please contact us if you are interested in serving in this ministry or know of someone in need of extra contact. Call the church at 719-632-3311.