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Homeschool Families Welcome!

What is Homeschool Life?

Homeschool Life comes alongside homeschooling families, providing a place to rest and refresh and refuel families in the home school journey.  We are a community of home school families seeking to live according to the teaching of God’s Word,  discipling our children and implementing God’s Word life in every aspect of the homeschooling journey while pursuing academic and character excellence in educating our children.

We explore such topics as:
-How to homeschool legally in Colorado
-Vision for homeschooling
-Mission minded families
-Learning contentment
-Keeping marriage a priority
-Parenting and discipline
-Choosing Curriculum
-How to get it all done

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Two moms embracing at a meeting of The MomCo, a motherhood ministry held at Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs.

"I have gotten a whole different view after being apart of this homeschooling life group. We are reading from the Bible nightly, and faith based curriculum is a must in our house! I do not believe that I would be doing any of things without this group that I look forward to meeting with every couple of weeks!! They are just small things, but truly life changing."

- Amanda

“As a single mother, the homeschool ministry has provided me with the assurance that I’m not alone in supporting my daughter in doing what God has called me to do. Through the group, I have been uplifted in prayer when I have felt weak in my ministry of motherhood, and strengthened by the sharing of God’s word. The homeschool ministry is a reminder that we are not meant to walk this journey alone.”

- Tamra W.


How to & why to homeschool:

Homeschool FAQs:

Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC):

Heritage Defense, a non-profit legal advocacy organization:

Homeschool Legal Defense Association:

Seniors in a circle sharing reflections on God's word at Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs