If you are a New Believer, or just want to build your Christian walk on a firm foundation,
you are invited to join us in our weekly CORNERSTONES Class!
Each class begins at 6:30pm on Thursdays in room 103 at our Westside Campus.
INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Conor Craft

Class #1
Sin & Salvation – Part One

Class #2
Sin & Salvation – Part Two

Class #3
The Importance of the Word – Part One

Class #4
The Importance of the Word – Part Two

Class #5
Prayer – Part One

Class #6
Prayer – Part Two

Class #7
The Believer’s Position in Fellowship

Class #8
The Believer’s Function in Fellowship

Class #9
The Believer’s Gifts in Fellowship

Class #10
Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Class #11
The Believer & Their Witness

Class #12
The Believer & Worship