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In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus gave us the Great Commission... GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES! As a church, we need to be intentional in our communication and practices as we seek to fulfill His calling. We understand that this is difficult in a large church setting, so we sought the Lord for a simple process to help you get involved and grow as His disciple and as a member of CWC. This is what we call... the D.N.A. Process.

It's easy to begin serving at CWC!

Step 1 - Go to our Discover Class
Step 2 - Attend our Navigate Class
Step 3 - Meet with a Leader...and get Activated!

STEP 1: ATTEND DISCOVER CLASS (2nd Sunday of the month at 1:45pm)
LOCATION: Room 209
GOAL: Present  "the Story" about our community | Answer questions | Explain how to "Get Involved" at CWC
WHAT WE DISCUSS: Who we are | What we are | What you can expect from us

STEP 2: ATTEND NAVIGATE CLASS (3rd Sunday of every month at 1:45pm.)
LOCATION: Room 209
GOAL: Find out "your purpose" in relation to the CWC Community
WHAT WE SHARE: Explore Gifting | Explain Servanthood | Explore Opportunities

STEP 3: ATTEND ACTIVATE MEETING (Arranged by Ministry Overseer)
LOCATION: On-site with Ministry Overseer
Become an "active participant" in the CWC Community
WHAT'S NEXT? Get connected | Get trained |Get going (Placement | Schedule, etc.)

Spiritual Gifts Test  |  Servant Interest Form
For more information about our DNA Process contact Pastor Mark Bofill