Pastor Al first met Ruth and her mother, Nancy, on a mission trip to Liberia in 2014. Ruth's extensive hand deformity caused great disability. Since then, Calvary Worship Center has had the privilege of assisting with transportation and surgical costs for a procedure in Ghana, West Africa.


Recently, the African doctors suggested she come to the USA for further evaluation and treatment. Ruth, Nancy, and their translator, Catherine, have been our treasured guests since September.


Please pray for:

  • Please continue to pray for Ruth as she takes daily shots. So far, she is sleeping through them - a real answer to prayer! 
  • Continue to pray for a miraculous response to the injections.
  • Pray for the families left in Liberia.
  • Funds for the team to travel back and forth to Cincinnati for treatments, as well as living expenses here. 

Ruth Update - 12/14/17

Ruth is continuing to heal well after her first set of injections on December 7. The radiologist who did the procedure was negative about how helpful they would be, and did not plan on more than the one treatment.
BUT GOD - the morning after the procedure was done, Ruth woke up with more movement in her fingers than she has had in years. The doctor saw enough benefit that he now agrees with the other doctors and is planning to do a second set of injections at the end of January, and possibly a third series later. After the injections are done, the hand surgeon plans surgery to decrease the size of the mass and make it less likely Ruth will have as many issues in the future.

Donations to help Ruth:

Cash or Check:
please stop by the Life Center, and designate "RUTH" in the memo line.
Credit Card: Please CLICK HERE.

 Drivers needed!

Now that Ruth, Nancy, and Catherine have settled in, they are ready for more activities. If you can help transport the three of them to some of their scheduled events (art class for Ruth, Bible Studies, etc.), please contact!