At Calvary Worship Center, we have accepted the call of Jesus to bring the Gospel to the entire world. We currently have several missionaries scattered throughout the nations that we support. This page was created for you to get to know our missionaries, so that you may join us in loving and supporting them too. In Psalm 2:8 God declares,

"Ask of Me, and I will give the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession."


Click the picture above to see which CWC Missionary is featured in this month's spotlight.



Eddie & Barbie Broussard (Global) -

 Praise - In November, Eddie was one of the main speakers for over 800 collegiate Navigators. He worked with a painter, David Stickel, to preach & paint the theme, "Know, Trust, Love: Basics of Devotion to Christ." David painted this artist's perspective how God, as the sovereign and fatherly "Potter," works in the clay of our lives.  

Prayer requests:

  • Trip to Atlanta this month for Eddie's annual "Soul Care Getaway" with 6 close friends.

  • Barbie's trip to Santa Fe, NM, to minister to her sister, Darlene, who is fighting cancer. Please pray for healing and safe travel.

  • Wisdom and grace for the many international calls Eddie will do in the coming weeks with Navigators from Latin America and Eurasia.

Casco (Central & South America)-

Praise - good trip to Israel, where Carlos was a translator for a bilingual tour!

 Prayer Requests:

  • Yolanda was recently hospitalized with pneumonia. Please pray for complete recovery!

  • Carlos & Yolanda will travel 2/1-28 to Antigua, Guatemala to teach Inductive Bible Study for 2 weeks at a Bible College, and then 2 weeks to pastors/leaders.

  • In March, they will teach 2 seminars in Ecuador.

  • Please pray for approval for visas to teach seminars in Cuba in April.
    • In August, the Cascos are planning to teach seminars in remote villages in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. PLEASE PRAY GOD WILL RAISE UP A MEDICAL TEAM TO GO WITH THEM! (AND LET US KNOW IF THAT IS YOU!)


Prayer request - Please pray for healing of Karen's horse DJ, and for provision for all the ministry's needs. 


Praise - Six men graduated in May. One is headed to the mountains to pastor a church of a mix of Indigenous Indians, Mestizos and Mexicans. One is pastoring a church he started while in our program, one is leading a ministry, one is teaching Bible, one is ministering at the federal prison south of town to three groups of the cartel, and one is ministering in his new job.  He has led the boss's son to the Lord and convinced him to use the leftover vegetables they sell to feed the poor.

 Prayer Requests -

  • Please pray for their three new students -  Temo, Victor & Lorenzo. Your support covers them for three years while they walk in a discipleship program daily learning the word of God, sharing His word, disciplining others, serving, praying, working in ministry, starting a ministry, what is their gifting, what their passion is, how to apply God's word, they get their secular education through Jr. High, learn construction skills, learn to start and finish a job, learn how to learn, how to think, and how to lead along with many other things.

  • We have a marriage seminar the end of January and marriages need to be touched.

  • New support for the ministry and sponsorships for the student/pastors and children's programs. 


His Safe Haven -

 Praise - The land is cleared and ready for building missionary housing and foster homes for the kids!!!  Praise God!  NOTHING is easy or fast in Liberia, so this is such a huge step!! 

 Prayer requests -

  • We will be implementing the 'family table' concept to have all the families eating together, including special chairs for a lot of the children.  We are needing about $650 for 2 large tables, benches and chairs.

  • After we build the Training Center and a few of the foster homes, we will then build the Dining/Kitchen Hall.  This area would also be utilized as our church building.  We are praying that someone would like to sponsor the building of the project.  

  • We are looking for 30 individual monthly 'General' sponsors at $35.  With all the needs of our children, we are needing to fill some financial gaps.