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God is GROWING our Jr. High ministry beyond measures. We are seeing over 100 Jr. High Students per weekend services! There are certainly opportunities to serve. If you would like to know more about serving here within Anchor Jr. High, or you are a student and would like to serve in Children’s Ministry, please contact the church at 719-632-3311.

Anchor Jr. High ministry is committed to being anchored in Christ, and building a strong foundation of faith for our students. We accomplish this through a leadership team that is passionate about discipleship, and by engaging our Middle Schoolers with interactive services where we worship together and study God's Word together. 


 Call to Humility

 How do I know what is being selfish, and what is simply expressing my own opinions and desires? Do I always do what the other person wants, even if they consistently are selfish?

The call to humility does not mean that we are not allowed to be real people with our own desires and opinions. We will always have our own opinions and desires, and many times we will be able to speak them. However, in humility we will often give up our own desires so that we can serve others. This is what Jesus Christ has done, and we are to follow His example.

However, the call to humility is not the call to assist others to continue in sin – including selfishness. Enabling others to sin is not humility – it is assisting sin. In such a case, true humility requires us to lovingly speak to the other person about their sin rather than simply doing what they want us to do. Thus, we do not serve an alcoholic by getting them something to drink, nor do we show humility by letting someone sin by speaking abusively to us, nor by helping a person continually engage their own selfishness. Rather, we lovingly explain to the people that their desired actions are sin, and we can not help them by giving it to that. Yet, even in this response, we speak in true humility – not with arrogance or rebellion.

The bible says in James 4:10, "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up."

Humble yourself and strive to have a humble heart as Jesus Christ. Be Christlike to others instead of being self-centered. You will be richly blessed when you allow yourself to become humble.



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