Are you looking to learn and grow your faith? GREAT! We're really excited for you and we want to tell you about Cornerstones – a great place to start seeking answers from the Bible. You'll get to know more about Jesus Christ and the biblical truths behind the Bible.  

NEXT CLASS SERIES BEGINS:  January 12, 2017 @ 6:30 pm in room 208 - Main Building/Upstairs; and runs through April 13th, 2017.

NOTE: Feel free to join in at any do not have to start at week 1.

FORMAT: A handout is given for you to follow along and questions are encouraged during class time. We want you to know more and grow more in your faith!

WINTER Class Series Circuit | Instructor: PASTOR MICHAEL CRAFT

January 12 – Class #1 “Sin & Salvation Part One

January 19 – Class #1 “Sin & Salvatin Part Two

January 26 – Class #3 “The Importance of the Word” Part One

February 2 – Class #4 “The Importance of the Word” Part Two

February 9No Class

February 16 – Class #5 “Prayer” Part One

February 23No Class

March 2 – Class #6 “Prayer” Part Two

March 9 – Class #7 “The Believer’s Position in Fellowship”

March 16 – Class #8 “The Believer’s Function in Fellowship”

March 23 – Class #9 “The Believer’s Empowering of the Spirit in Fellowship”

March 30 – Class #10 “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”

April 6 – Class #11 “The Believer and His Witness”

April 13 – Class #12 “The Believer and Worship”