Are you looking to learn and grow your faith? GREAT! We're really excited for you and we want to tell you about Cornerstones – a great place to start seeking answers from the Bible. You'll get to know more about Jesus Christ and the biblical truths behind the Bible.  

NEXT CLASS SERIES BEGINS:  December 7th, 2017 @ 6:30 pm in room 208 - Main Building/Upstairs; and runs through March 1st, 2018.

NOTE: Feel free to join in at any do not have to start at week 1.

FORMAT: A handout is given for you to follow along and questions are encouraged during class time. We want you to know more and grow more in your faith!

Class Series Circuit | Instructor: PASTOR MICHAEL CRAFT

December 7th – Class #1 “Sin & Salvation" Part One

December 14th – Class #2 “Sin & Salvation" Part Two

December 21st – Class #3 “The Importance of the Word” Part One

December 28th – No Class - Rest between Christmas and New Year's

January 4th - Class #4 “The Importance of the Word” Part Two

January 11th – Class #5 “Prayer” Part One

January 18th – Class #6 “Prayer” Part Two

January 25th – Class #7 “The Believer’s Position in Fellowship”

February 1st – Class #8 “The Believer’s Function in Fellowship"

February 8th – Class #9 “The Believer’s Empowering of the Spirit in Fellowship”

February 15th – Class #10 “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”

February 22nd – Class #11 “The Believer and His Witness”

March 1st – Class #12 “The Believer and Worship”