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Devo: Jesus Labeled Judas

We all know Judas Iscariot for being labeled as “the one who betrayed Jesus.” Personally, if his label had to be ranked, it would fit so well in the “Top 3 worst biblical titles you can obtain in a story of redemption and love” category…but that’s just my thoughts.

This month I was reading through the book of Mark, where Judas is first mentioned in chapter 3:13-19. And I find it very interesting that in this passage of scripture, before Judas betrayed Jesus and before Judas was labeled as “the betrayer”, we find that Jesus Labeled Judas first!  Go ahead and read through Mark 3:13-19 now!  
Mark 3:13 - “Jesus went up on the mountain and called to Him Those He Himself wanted...”
Who was in that list of those “called” and of those “wanted”? Judas.
Jesus wanted Judas. Jesus WANTED Judas? JESUS WANTED JUDAS!
(This statement was like a broken record in my head when I read this!)
Before the betrayal and the Cross that would follow, in this initial moment, THIS was Jesus’s TRUTH towards Judas! He wanted him! Jesus wanted him to be one who was sent out to preach, to heal the sick, and yes even to cast out demons. But even better than doing all those things, Jesus wanted Judas to be one who was “With Him” (v.14).
(Food for thought coming up…Not a doctrinal statement)
But in Judas’ case, after He betrayed the Savior, he was prone to believed that Jesus only saw Him as “the betrayer.” I believe Judas may have convinced himself that the “Labeling” the world placed on Judas was the same that Jesus has on Judas, which was not true, eventually driving him into his death.
I feel for Judas…as humans, It’s easy to undertake a label given to us by the world, family, or even ourselves but such is not a sure foundation! The foundation of how we (believers) should see ourselves is rooted in Gods saying of us, in Gods thinking of us, and in Gods feelings toward us. Praise the Lord that His word stands over our interpretation of it!
Whose word would you rather trust? The word of a lying, corrupt world? Or the word of the One who spoke the universe into existence! “Let God be true, and every man a liar.” Romans 3:4
All that being said, be careful not to let your perspective of God hinder the truth of how God perceives you. There are going to be days in our Christians walk when we feel very much like Judas. We might feel, think and maybe even be totally convinced that we are but “betrayers”, but we must combat those lies by looking and admiring His “labeling” of us.


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