"Learn to do right; seek justice, defend the oppressed, TAKE UP THE CAUSE OF THE FATHERLESS, plead the case of the widow."  
-Isaiah 1:17


To rekindle and establish the spirit of boys who have been abandoned by their
fathers; mentoring them one-on-one in life skills through outdoor activities, and
by sharing a Christian understanding of our Heavenly Father's love and sacrifice
for His children.


FAITH - Demonstrate to boys that they have a Father in Heaven who created, loves,
and cares for them, and will never forsake them.

Demonstrate fatherly love and commitment, to repair broken
spirits and prepare the foundation for future fatherhood.

Share the need for boys to forgive the failings of their earthly
fathers, as our Heavenly Father forgives His children in Christ.          

                                                        A Man and His Boy     
     What do an 8-year-old boy and a 60 year old man have in common?  Not too much,
    especially if they are unrelated, BUT when they are part of Fathers in the Field,
   they discover many commonalities. The man can demonstrate his hard- earned fishing
    skills, his joys in the woods, his love for a special hobby.  The boy brings something
    even better to the relationship: a youthful curiosity and contagious enthusiasm that
   the man may have long left behind.  In addition, they share one other thing, the desire
     to have a mentoring relationship that brings a man into the life of a fatherless boy.
      For the first time in years a boy may experience the positive impact that a man
      can bring to his life.  

       This describes perfectly what the relationship between Dean Mueller and his 'field buddy' Gabe, looks like. They have been involved since early May in the FitF program and it has been very rewarding for
both of them.   Dean is semi-retired and had been praying for a number of years that he would find a new way to walk out his faith.  When he heard of FitF, God spoke deep into his heart that this was the ministry for him.  There was a step of faith since Dean had not worked with a young boy for many years, but he believed in God's leading.  Once he saw how the program had been carefully developed to help walk the mentor father through practically every mentor meeting, he knew that he could do this.

Every week, Dean and Gabe get together to do one of a variety of options.    
They go to church together twice a month, do some type of community service one
time per month and play at least once a month. They have been hiking, wading, fishing,
gardening, ping-ponging, and exploring, just to name a few.   The family dog Catan looks
forward to seeing Gabe and they have developed a special bond.  Many weeks Gabe
joins Dean and his wife, Janie, for a meal and Gabe amazes both of them with his insatiable
appetite.  On a fishing adventure, Gabe caught his first fish and performed a celebration
which would have rivaled any end zone dance.

Gabe looks forward to seeing 'Mr. Dean' each week and usually is outside waiting for him to arrive.    Through all of this activity is woven a thread of God's plan for Gabe's life.  Every month, Dean and Gabe spend time working through a journal that shares God's message for both of them.  They discuss important questions that are more easily talked through in the trust environment developed by the consistency of the relationship.  It is a natural extension of just spending time together on a weekly basis.  There is nothing that either Gabe or Dean would want to do to hinder their time together. It has become a significant part of every week that both Gabe and Dean anticipate.

Gabe Wisdom: People are sort of like cucumbers.They can be prickly on the outside and I don’t want to be around them,
but when you open them up there
is a soft inside that tastes good.

 Are you a single Mother and                           Interested in becoming a   would like your son to be a                               Mentor Father?                         part of FITF?                                                                             If so...

             Please contact:                                                                 Please contact:

               Kevin Steinseifer                                                                      Andrew Kelow

            You can reach him at:                                                                    You can reach him at: 

       Kennytfitfcwc@gmail.com                                              Kennytfitfcwc@gmail.com

Community Service
is an integral part of Fathers in the Field ministry.

In community service, the boys develop a serving attitude towards their mothers, the church and the community. They gain great value in having their eyes opened to the needs of others when so often they are only focused on their own needs and disappointments.

If you, in our CWC Community are elderly or widowed and in need of a service such as: 

  • Pulling Weeds
  • Trimming Hedges 
  • Raking Leaves
  • Minor Repairs to fences and gates
  • Moving furniture
  • Yardwork 

Please Contact Dean Mueller at Kennytfitfcwc@gmail.com                        


Fathers in the Field works through and equips local churches to reach out to abandoned boys in their communities.

FIELD BUDDIES - Fatherless boys ages 7 - 17 can participate in Fathers in the Field

MENTOR FATHERS - Leadership approved Christian men who love God and the great outdoors, serve as Mentor Fathers and are asked to commit to an "intentional" 3yr mentoring relationship with their Field Buddies.

SINGLE MOMS - Fathers in the Field reaches fatherless boys through single moms who want their sons to have mature Christian male role models. The Ministry is funded through enrolled churches so there is no cost to moms.

WIDOWS - Community service is an integral part of Fathers in the Field Ministry, which identifies widows, and others in need and give boys an opportunity to serve them and in doing so, they gain a sense of accomplishment, helpfulness and self-worth.