At Calvary Worship Center we feel a vital and important aspect of our ministry is to use technology to reach people. Whether it’s the weather, one may not be in the Colorado Springs area or other circumstances, we invite you to attend church online here:
As a church environment, we encourage live interactions with our online team as well as live chat within our online church environments. Please keep all discussions wholesome as if you were inside our physical church and Jesus Himself is watching! 
Should you decide to participate in speech that is negative, critical or inappropriate, for the protection of others worship experience we may take steps to remove your comment or your access to church online. We will warn you once. Should the questionable interactions continue, we will block your access and could result in a ban of our online church environments. 
To be reinstated to the church online family, you would have to contact the church office and set up a time to discuss reinstatement with a pastor. 
We believe that God has entrusted us with this technology to reach those around the world! We are so excited to have you participate in our church online! We invite you to pray with us that this ministry!