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Pastoral Ordination Requirements

Required Time: A minimum of three years is expected from each potential candidate if they are to be considered for ordination at CWC.

Required Conduct: Within the time of consideration, the candidate must exhibit a spiritual maturity, leadership, and commitment to the Sr. Pastor and the Equipping Pastors of CWC. The candidate must also demonstrate a life of discipleship, as well as holiness and purity, which is consistent with scripture.

Required Books: All potential pastoral candidates raised from within CWC are required to read the following books and complete each book’s assignment within three years of attending CWC in a leadership role. Assignments must be completed electronically. 

Click the links below to access each form.

  • Holy Bible (Complete a full Bible reading in one year – present completed chart)
  • Calvary Distinctives by Chuck Smith (Summary Sheet for each chapter)
  • Doctrine by Mark Driscoll (Summary Sheet for each chapter)
  • The Necessity of Prayer by E.M Bounds (300 word essay: Why is prayer important?)
  • Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders (Answer questions from book)
  • On Being a Servant by Warren Wiersbe (300 word essay: Importance of Servanthood)
  • Second by L.E. Romaine (300 word essay: The importance of Humility)
  • Spiritual Warfare by Al Pittman (300 word essay:Describe your spiritual war)
  • Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards (300 word essay: Which King are you?)
  • Harvest by Chuck Smith (500 word essay: Am I Called?)

Required Duties: Active participation in the following duties must be fulfilled by each candidate and confirmed by a current pastor of CWC.

  • Weddings (attend two, working alongside a current pastor)
  • Funerals (attend two, working alongside a current pastor)
  • Hospital Calls (attend two, working alongside a current pastor)
  • Benevolence (perform two, working alongside a current pastor)
  • E-Phone (be an active participant for at least six months)
  • Cornerstones (Teach one semester - 12 weeks)

Required Approval: Upon completion of these requirements, the     Sr. Pastor and CWC Church Board will review each candidate and decide if he is to be ordained as a Pastor at Calvary Worship.

 Note: Completion of these requirements does NOT guarantee ordination for each candidate. We believe that it is ultimately God who ordains, however these requirements will assist each candidate in their pursuit of God’s call.